THINGS YOU SHOULD Evaluate & Audit

A marketing consultant analyzes a company’s products or services to identify its target market. They also study market trends and commercial opportunities to understand what consumers would like to buy or create an affinity toward.

The trick to doing any worthwhile auditing is to know the relevant metrics, make sure they are quantifiable, and focus on them consistently.

Auditing is not a “one-and-done” operation if you’re serious about advertising.

Accurate Tracking

Measure precise metrics that ensure your vendor is working for you.

Improved Engagement

Ensure the content you're sharing is relevant to your audience.

Increase Your ROI

Increase your profit using conversion rate optimization.


You might be wondering what all needs auditing within the broad realm of digital marketing. The short answer is: your entire Internet footprint as a business. However, there are certain focus areas.

You’ll want to frequently audit your website, social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), email marketing campaigns, and basically any other mechanism you pay to keep running. It’s unacceptable to pay for advertising and not follow up on it to see if it’s yielding results.

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HOW TO FIX Problems

So, what do you do when you encounter “bad” metrics? How do you fix them?
MelMar Consulting specializes in not only diagnosing the issues, but in applying effective solutions. We have numerous ways to help you solve these bottlenecks and aggravations permanently.

Get a hold of a comprehensive web analytics. Use it to identify weak spots, and respond to them accordingly.

Address all under-performing web components. This could involve trying different content styles, refocusing your message to a more precise target audience, or even adjusting the time of day you release content.

Utilize the services of a competent and experienced digital marketing expert, like MelMar Consulting. Why spend hours trying to address these problems yourself, when you can hire somebody with years of experience at it? That way you can leave marketing to the pros and get back to running a business.

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