Establishing Conversion Metrics

Conversion Rate Optimization is an ongoing, everchanging process.  By studying the habits of your target customer, you can make more educated decisions on how they will engage with your website or product.

Understanding Your Customer

Know who they are, how they engage, and where bottlenecks exist.

Lower Cost Per Acquisition

Tailor the customer experience to what customers are actually searching for.

Bolster your SEO

A better customer experience directly translates to better search visibility.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Optimizing your customer journey will turn one-off purchasers into loyal customers

A User-Centric Approach

CRO allows you to focus on what drives, stops, and influences your users to engage with your brand. By optimizing this experience and tailoring it to your unique audience’s needs, you create specific hooks to converting them into customers.

Identifying Optimization Opportunities

As soon as your conversion metrics have been identified, the next step in the conversion rate optimization process is to to identify the part of your site that you need to use to improve your conversion rates. Various individuals will likely want to target the part of your funnel that receives the most traffic and generates the greatest conversions.

Your most visited pages or pages that are underperforming are the ones to concentrate on first. Again, improving your highest value pages or pages with issues relating to your conversion rate will likely have the greatest impact on your goals.

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate = (# of Completed Goals)/(# of Website Visitors) X 100

Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate = (Total Click)/(Total Impressions) X 100

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